Product design

Graphext is a tool that guide you to build data science projects remarkably fast, collaboratively and without writing code. The challenge is to make a tool more powerful than dashboards and more intuitive than notebooks that stands out from the benchmark.

The tool helps you transform your data, explore it, visualize it and present your findings from a tidy, browser-based workspace where collaboration is encouraged. Graphext makes data science more accessible.


The goal of the design team is to improve the usability of the tool for users of different technical profiles. Create new visualizations to increase the possibilities and make it more customizable to the client's needs.

My role

Mainly my usability tasks are directed to the possible workflows that different types of user may have. I was in charge of improving and making new functionalities in existing sections of the platform, as well as creating new sections that help to compress the data of each user.
I was also supervising the work of my less experienced design colleagues.

Design team

During my time at Graphext in 2020-2021, I had the pleasure of sharing the experience with Juan Morales del Olmo and Andrea Bertran López.